About Us

The Calgary Frontrunners Club was originally formed in 1991 after Calgarians who participated in the 1990 Gay Games in Vancouver decided they wanted to form a club to promote health and fitness in the local GLBT and gay-friendly community.

The club has a large membership of gay and straight sports enthusiasts with a core group of approximately 20 runners and walkers who meet at least once a week. The members of the Frontrunners vary widely in abilities, fitness, and goals.

All are welcome to join us.  The focus of the club is a friendly, social atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable and share an interest in fitness. This is not a competitive club. All you need to participate is a good pair of shoes and some motivation to get up early on Saturday morning!

In addition to promoting the running group, we support a walking group that meets on Saturday mornings with us. We believe this will help attract new members that might think they are not advanced enough in their fitness endeavours to join us.  Remember – all are welcome and no one gets left behind.

The post-workout coffee is a great time to socialize and meet members new and old.

We are excited about the prospects of our growing club and the challenges of organizing larger events. If you are interested in contacting us or meeting with us, please check out the contact information page.

We are always very happy to meet new people and welcome anyone of any ability to join us.